Temple Hill was founded in 2006, but the seeds of the company were planted long before during the mid-90s in a house on Temple Hill Drive. Just starting out in LA and the industry, roommates Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey shared a love of movies, books, and whiskey over many late night chats. Years later Marty called Wyck at 4 a.m., said that it was time for them to start a production company, and Temple Hill Entertainment was born.

From its strong foothold in the young adult space to stories across all genres, Temple Hill strives to produce a wide range of emotionally-driven movies, TV shows, and books that champion underrepresented voices and connect with today’s audiences. Dynamic collaborations with beloved authors laid the foundation for Temple Hill’s early success with numerous adaptations of acclaimed books and series, and this continues to be at the heart of its business. As Temple Hill looks to what's next, evolving into new media and expanding internationally with offices in London as well as Los Angeles, the mission of telling heart-stirring, impactful stories continues.

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